Typically, this is where I’d have a sterile toned bio listing the publications in which I’ve appeared and the books I’ve authored. Needless to say, both of these are very much works in progress, and indeed, might be most felicitously described in the words of Leon Phelps, the Ladies Man, “Can we take your car, because mine, uh, does not exist?”

But to provide a brief overview, I work in Healthcare/Public Affairs for a prominent public relations firm and graduated from a prominent liberal arts school that despite its “excellent reputation,” nobody has ever heard about.

My interests include music (which I play both amateurishly and as an amateur), public policy,  philosophy, sports, cultural snobbery, word wonkery, and making jejune commentary on of all the above. In other words, I’m a dilettante par excellence who probably isn’t worth reading.

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