Joe Wilson’s Real Crime

Joe Wilsons crime should be condemning other humans to pain and suffering because they arent permitted to pay income taxes.

Joe Wilson's crime should be condemning other humans to pain and suffering because they aren't permitted to pay income taxes.

Since I’ve been informed my previous gchat status was “distracting” and also since there’s been a lot going on lately, I figured I should update the blog. I’ll have a reply to this long piece in the September Atlantic on — you guessed it — health care when I finish it, but for now, let me offer a little comment on this Joe Wilson kerfuffle.

In particular, I’ve heard a lot of comment lately about how rude and disrespectful the “LIE!” shout was — and indeed, it was those things — but I have to admit it’s actually Joe Wilson’s and the vast majority of Republicans’ (and some Democrats’ and Independents’) positions on health care reform that so gravely offend me. That many of our political officials and leaders would subjugate the legitimate need of tens of millions of Americans to ideology and short term political incentives is callous and disgusting. And with respect to the “lie” in question, the belief that someone who is not a citizen — but is indeed a human being — should be permitted to die or suffer as the consequence of being a political bludgeon is barbarous and unbefitting a nation comprised of people who bristle at even the suggestion of our own imperfection. Save your outrage for what matters.


3 Responses to “Joe Wilson’s Real Crime”

  1. Capitalist Pig Says:

    No, why should I have to pay for YOUR insurance? Tens of millions of people COULD be insured if we would simply lift government RESTRICTIONS which do not permit Americans to PURCHASE insurance outside of their own home state. It would raise competition over night, thus lowering the cost by default. Big government is responsible for EVERY problem this country has and you want to expand that! You are a clown and a socialist. Our country was NOT founded on Marxism. Don’t like it? Leave and go to a place where you fit in better.

  2. Jon Says:

    Well a few things on this. First, you don’t pay for my insurance. I do.

    But as for the uninsured, you already do pay for them when they go to the emergency room, or you have higher taxes to keep many hospitals systems tax-exempt, or when public health risks like swine flu expand because people lack insurance to get routine care. And because you’re already paying indirectly, you might as well pay directly and help people in need. Or, to make absurd comparisons to the “founding” of the country, you could say the country was founded on Judeo-Christian values (as conservatives are wont to do), and society works better when people do the right thing.

    And as for the last point, I’m not really sure why a universal health care system is Marxist per se, but even if it is, I’ll just not that Barack Obama won the election by a considerably larger margin than Bush’s second term, so if you don’t like it, you may feel free to leave.

  3. Neil Says:

    Jon, most people dont support obama’s plan, so feel free to leave. Idiots voted for him because they hated bush and because McCain wouldnt have been great either, not because they wanted socialism in america. Government control never works, and never has except in some small un-diverse countries like sweden. Socialism wont work here and those that support it dont, so shut your trap about the “crime of the republicans.” I am a libertarian andknow the republicans can be idiots, but quite frankly, they make a whole lot more sense to me than liberals

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