The Faulty Syllogism Of Centrism

Claire McCaskill Is Not Always C

Claire McCaskill Is Not Always C

All things considered, Claire McCaskill really isn’t the menace to progressivism that Ben Nelson or Evan Byah is, but things like this are really irritating.

I love Missouri. Move On(left) protesting my office in Springfield. Teaparty(right) protesting my office in St Louis. Middle anyone?

I’m not entirely sure if McCaskill is also trying to laud the political diversity Missouri, but nevertheless, I’m pretty confident she’s implying that it’s good to be disliked by both political extremes. Call it the “Faulty Syllogism of Centrism,” whereby because you are not A and not B, you are therefore C. Of course, this fails to account for the possibility that not being A or B could also mean you are D, E, F, G, or any other such outcome ad infinitum. The point I’m making here is that there is aboslutely no logical basis for assuming that there’s anything intrinsically good about being mutually reviled. Smugly announcing that you don’t agree with two other opinions does not make you correct, it makes you look you don’t actually care what’s right as long as it’s not “wrong.”


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