Momentum for DADT Repeal

(Seems like I’m doing a lot of “via Kevin Drums” these days), but via Kevin Drum, Harry Reid has come out in support of a permanent repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

“We’re having trouble getting people into the military,” Mr. Reid told reporters when questioned about whether he could support an 18-month moratorium on enforcing a prohibition on gays in the armed forces. “And I think that we shouldn’t turn down anybody that’s willing to fight for our country, certainly based on sexual orientation.”

Mr. Reid said he would go the proposal, being considered by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, one better and support a permanent repeal of the ban.

Kevin says Reid, who is typically a bit cautious, supports the measure “probably because he doesn’t think there’s really much risk in it anymore.” That’s probably true — 75 percent of Americans support the notion.

I know Congress has a lot to deal with these days, but it seems to me that if the Senate could get this thrown together quickly (and you have to imagine the legislative language is pretty simple) to pass for a vote, it could give Democrats a nice jolt of legislative momentum. Between health care, cap-and-whatever-it-is-now, and the confirmation of Sonia Sotamayor, the GOP has a lot to attack, and it seems to be taking a bit out wind of the Dem’s sails. A solid, popular victory would help shift the momentum.


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