Back again


Repartay readers,

I apologize for my prolonged absence. In honor of our nation’s independence day, I actually spent a week eating brats and drinking Spaten in Germany. I know: not the most patriotic of travel plans. But, alas, does not base it’s travel packages on the Founding Father’s party schedule.

However, now that I have returned, I hereby pledge to compensate for my lost time with some meaty posts ASAP.

In the meantime, I highly recommend the increasingly must-read Frank Rich this weekend taking a pulse of the current GOP establishment and its fixation on (soon to be former) Governor of Alaska.  This paragraph really stuck me:

The essence of Palinism is emotional, not ideological. Yes, she is of the religious right, even if she winks literally and figuratively at her own daughter’s flagrant disregard of abstinence and marriage. But family-values politics, now more devalued than the dollar by the philandering of ostentatiously Christian Republican politicians, can only take her so far. The real wave she’s riding is a loud, resonant surge of resentment and victimization that’s larger than issues like abortion and gay civil rights.

More soon.


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