Steele: Obama Not “Vetted” Because He’s Black

The irony of Michael Steele claiming that, “[Obama] was not vetted, because the press fell in love with the black man running for the office,” is of course, quite rich. But leaving that aside for a moment, I’m not even sure what exactly Steele hoped the press would uncover. If we are to interpret Steele’s meaning as that upon taking office, Americans have seen the “real” Obama and soured on him, leaving for the conservative promised land like the Jews out of Egypt, how can you explain you know, the fact that that hasn’t happened (without saying minorities don’t count)? On the other hand, we could interpret Steele’s meaning to be that Obama misrepresented himself during the campaign as unduly conservative? Many liberals have been frustrated with excessive moderation on Obama’s behalf. If Steele, or anyone else for that matter, wasn’t clear that Obama was a Democrat, suffice it to say they have bigger problems than media bias.


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