Cheney: Guantanamo Funded by Monopoly Money

At this point, it’s pretty banal to call the Republican leadership intellectually bankrupt, but the audacious transparency of this zinger from Dick Cheney is really something else.

Attorney General Holder and others have admitted that the United States will be compelled to accept a number of the terrorists here, in the homeland, and it has even been suggested US taxpayer dollars will be used to support them. On this one, I find myself in complete agreement with many in the President’s own party. Unsure how to explain to their constituents why terrorists might soon be relocating into their states, these Democrats chose instead to strip funding for such a move out of the most recent war supplemental.

I mean, I understand the whole point of detaining people at Guantanamo was to obviate the need for compliance with the law, but I’m pretty sure it was never intended to obviate the need for money. Indeed, if one were to argue that extralegal detention were a dereliction of responsibilities to the American taxpayer, it would be a reasonable conclusion that the US ought to detain only those who have commited prosecutable crimes.


3 Responses to “Cheney: Guantanamo Funded by Monopoly Money”

  1. p of v Says:

    I have to agree with you on this one.

  2. Agi Says:

    Huh? I thought Tio Fidel was paying for Guantanamo…

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