Congress Finds Political Demagoguery on Guantanamo Compelling

This, in reference to a post on the high likelihood of Congress clearing war appropriations bills soon, is really annoying:

Democrats eliminated any money for closing the Guantanamo detainee facility, hoping to quiet Republican criticism that the plan would mean that terrorists held there would end up in the United States. Even Republicans who had joined with President Obama in calling for the closure of the prison say they do not want any action until there is a better plan for what to do with the detainees.

The United States has proven to be quite effectual when it comes to incarceration and this idea that suspected terrorists held in SUPERMAX prisons pose some sort of unique danger is really kind of absurd.  Most Americans don’t give any thought to the countless murderers, rapists, and yes, terrorists, already imprisoned on American soil, and these “concerns” are pure demagoguery. Meanwhile, as long as Guantanamo exists so that the United States can operate unfettered by the Constitution, we will continue to encourage the perception that the United States will respect international law only when convenient, which in turn encourages the likelihood of other actors balancing or arming themselves against us. That Republicans don’t even have the votes to offer succesful obstruction to something like this makes the Democratic capitulation all the more disappointing.


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