Leon Wieseltier Is The Worst Writer In History

I threw up a tweet about this, but I imagine the click-throughs are pretty low, so I just want to excerpt a bit of Leon Wiesletier’s latest execrable. About office buildings:

[…]The conceit of glass, after all, is that it makes the inside and the outside continuous–which is why, for example, the passage of a beam of light through a closed window became a symbol in medieval Christian art for miraculous insemination. No significant obstacles, no disruptions in kind. Glass also accords nicely with our suspicion of walls, which seem to represent only exclusion, than which there is no greater American sin. We like porous individuals and permeable societies. And of course glass is perfectly suited to our exhibitionistic temper, about which more in a moment. Glass buildings are so honest, so guileless, so welcoming. The people at their desks see the people in the street, the people in the street see the people at their desks: community!

There’s more:

But this is, I think, a hoax. For a start, the people at their desks have no time to look. What is sunshine compared to an email? And when we look at them from the street, in pellucid fellowship, what precisely do we see? They may be bcc’ing all sorts of villains, for all we know. We see them, but not really; they see us, but not really. And in the comedy of the afternoon light, when windows become mirrors, we all see only ourselves.

Seriously, read the whole thing. He makes James Lipton look sober.


2 Responses to “Leon Wieseltier Is The Worst Writer In History”

  1. Adam Says:

    Use bit.ly, and you can track the clicks on your shortened URLs.

  2. hwiencek Says:

    That post was scrumtrilescent (sp?)

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