Nuclear Musings

Apropos of my earlier post, Steve Walt provides some good background on the tendency to ascribe wildly irrational motivations to Iran’s foreign policy, and in particular, their nuclear program. Also, nice use of the up-front trickeration to play with your expectations. Always makes for a compelling read!

Also, I wanted to use this opportunity to add to my last post on Iranian nuclear aspirations, that the least hysterical, and in my view best rationale for stemming an Iranian attempt to develop nuclear weapons is simply situating it in the broader strategic aims of non-proliferation. A world that fosters a “keeping up withe Joneses” approach to nuclear weapons is one that is increasingly dangerous. Iran happens to be a rather high-profile case — the impact on Middle Eastern balance of power would be far more profound than say, the effects of a potential Swedish nuclear program on Scandinavian power dynamics — but the logic is basically the same.


One Response to “Nuclear Musings”

  1. truevcu Says:

    The swedish analogy is a bit flawed considering what few scandinavian power dynamics there aer just revolve around fishing rights. Although it would provide Russia with another welcome opportunity to batshit bonkers.

    As for Iran, the situation may drop down to calmer levels within the next 6 months as Obama pursues detente and Ahmadinijad will follow in order to bolster his reelection bid, even though having lost the support of the supreme leader his chances of reelection are beginning to equal those of bush gaining a third term.

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