Republican Plan For Good Times And Awesomeness

So as some of you might know, the Republicans today announced their alternative “budget.” You may have even read about it in a PR flacks wet dream this risible article by Mike Allen that was such an insult to the term “reporting” that it actually caused me to swear off Politico once and for all.* But in case you didn’t, the “budget” is essentially a recycled form of John McCain’s campaign platform, only with even less detail and more platitudes. For example, behold the Republican energy plan!

energyNice plan, jackasses. Of course, there’s more, like how to the stated goal of reducing the deficit while cutting taxes and leaving entitlements intact. Most reasonable people would observe that this is an actuarial impossibility, and indeed, this might be what’s provoking these sorts of testy exchanges with House Minority Leader John Boehner:

When pressed further by reporters, Boehner promised that Republicans would release their actual budget within the next few days and pointed a finger back at the president.

After Obama delivered a prime-time speech previewing his budget, Boehner said, “he didn’t offer his details until days later.”

A co-worker of mine suggested the Republican plan was a wise political move. Needless to say, I disagree largely for the same reason John Boehner’s point about the delay between Obama’s NSOTU speech and the Presidential budget unveiling is stupid. Unlike President Obama, the House Republicans were under no deadline to either address a joint session of Congress or submit their alternative “budget.” Therefore, the drubbing they are now receiving for the vacuity of their “plan” was completely and entirely avoidable and indeed, should have been avoided. In the meantime, the result has reinforced the notion that the Republicans are not a party to be taken seriously.

*on morning commutes.


3 Responses to “Republican Plan For Good Times And Awesomeness”

  1. truevcu Says:

    I’d have sworn off them too, but then they decided to make Cantor and Ryan’s displeasure at being made to jump the gun their front page story, furthering the narrative of internecine strife. Whether this is out of a desire for balance or simply sensing blood in the water is anyone’s guess (I vote the latter).

  2. Buck Naked Politics Says:

    Republicans Have a Better ‘Plan’: Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, a Budget with Imaginary Numbers, & Some Boffo Charts!…

    It’s like the GOP is going out of its way to become a caricature of itself. Dave Weigl: An anonymous official quoted in Politico’s story on the House GOP budget plans said, “We need to hold something up and say, ‘Here are our charts. Here are ou…

  3. The Heights of Chutzpah « Yes, Let’s Talk About This Says:

    […] today the Republicans elucidated a bit more fully their budgetless-budget of last week during which they embarrassingly offered to cut taxes, maintain entitlements, and address the […]

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