I need more cowbell…and twittering


Some notable quips from Christopher Walken’s twitter page. I kid you not:

There’s a kid on a Pogo stick in front of my house. It’s nearly midnight so let’s assume he’s been drinking. This should end well for him.

A dog walked by wearing a frilly sweater. The neighbor kid laughed and said, “That’s gay!” He meant the cardigan, I think. Not the dog.

The Pope is in Africa reaffirming the ban on condom use.’ His old stuff was funnier. I don’t get this new material. Too edgy for my taste.

Our driver told the story of his childhood spirit animal – which was apparently a civet cat or seasoned marmot. I’m hungry for a pickle now.

And just imagine coming across this during your morning commute:

An escalator in Grand Central Station is out-of-service. I stood on it for a minute or two in the name of subtle irony. No-one else did.


One Response to “I need more cowbell…and twittering”

  1. truevcu Says:

    He’s delightfully mad

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