The Poopy Pants Caucus

Finally! Evan Byah has announced to form a group in the Senate “that it is aligning as a loose coalition or working group focused on deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility.” Or, in other words, Evan Bayh will be spearheading the creation of the “Poopy Pants Coalition.”

What I find most amazing about groups like this the transparency of their purely political motivation. A group whose raison d’etre is defined in totally relative terms is, at least metaphysically, less than a pile of dog shit. At least dog shit exists on its own. What happens if and when the budget is balanced? What will the Senate Blue Dogs stand for then? Further, even if you take this blatant excuse to finance their campaigns from corporate interests seriously, why then do these “moderates” whine about raising taxes on the top 5 percent when the Making Work Pay Tax Cut provides a tax cut to a vast a majority of voters in the states they represent? Where were these moderates braying when the Bush tax cuts turned a budget surplus into an enormous deficit? They weren’t complaining because they have no definite principles. Kevin Drum sums it up pretty well here.

But at least a bunch of senators will get to preen a bit about how they managed to water down progressive legislation and get the White House to beg them for their votes.  And that’s what public service is all about, isn’t it?

This is pretty much poopy pants defined.

UPDATE: As a quick rejoiner, I’ll add the political calculus isn’t as clear cut as it may seem. There seems to be some evidence that purported members of the PPC recognize this already, but generally speaking, the electoral fate of Democratic Senators and Representatives are at least partially tied to the success or failure of the Democratic policy agenda. If the PPC can block or weaken Democratic legislation, especially legislation that benefited from electoral mandate (health care comes to mind), there’s a good chance their efforts will dim future election prospects.

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