Comedy Not the Key to Electoral Success

Oh yes. Now this will be comedy you can believe in.

(Oh, and as for Stephen Colbert’s challenge to Steele Thursday night to come on his Comedy Central show and have a rap-off on conservative issues? Steele says bring it on.)

In all seriousness, this isn’t such a terrible PR move in a strictly tactical, short term sense. It’s a lot easier to like someone who can laugh at themselves. However, while I’m sure Steele’s hip-hoppery will engender all-sorts of fuzzy feelings well with the interwebs generation, statements like these (in reference to civil unions for the gays) are usually enough to overcome such emotions of mild amusement:

No, no no. What would we do that for? What are you crazy?

And of course, this is the point, isn’t it? That is, it’s this attitude that generally belies Republican efforts at “reinventing” itself though superficial identity politics. A lot of people attribute Barack Obama’s electoral success to his personal dynamism — and that certainly is a part of his popularity — but his election stemmed mainly from the fact that he was a democrat, and the policies he advocated where not the same ones that proved so disastrous when wielded by the Bush Administration. Likewise, Republican revival will come either following the heels of Democratic disaster (apparently the current strategy) or because Republicans can bring to bear a set of serious and well considered policies that will actually help people (apparently not the current strategy vis-a-vis Michael Steele’s desire to appear as magnificent a lightweight as modern media will permit).

While this will no doubt prove hilarious, it will also no doubt prove ineffective.


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