Idiotic Politico Story of the Day

I’m feeling a recurring feature coming on… “The Obama Cabinet is a CEO Black Hole.” In addition to the complete pointlessness of the article, Eamon Javers, crack reporter, makes the following observation:

Still, some long-time White House observers find it noteworthy that when Obama convenes his best minds, there will be few people who have answered to shareholders as well as voters — people who know by intuition how the business community is likely to react to any given day’s news.

Well, in the first place, I’d say it’s a good thing then at Obama was elected by voters instead of shareholders. But to engage with the argument a bit, it doesn’t take C-level intuition to understand how the “business community” — apparently a monolithic group of people in suits who share the exact same interests — will react to a given day’s news. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: if a policy proposal makes businesses change the way the they operate in a way that can be construed to raise costs or reduce profits, it will be vigorously opposed, especially if such measures target the balance of pay between upper and lower level employees (i.e., Employee Free Choice Act).

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2 Responses to “Idiotic Politico Story of the Day”

  1. truevcu Says:

    I seem to recall McCain actually catching heat from a lot of media outlets (possibly politico as well, their election coverage was actually rather good) for having TOO MANY CEOs in his campaign, esp after Fiorina experienced a breif episode of rationality and said Palin didn’t have the experience to run HP.

  2. truevcu Says:

    It also mirrors and earlier (and equally useless) article about the lack of southerners in the mix for the Obama cabinet. I never thought I’d see Politico position itself as such a bastion of affirimitive action. Of course I don’t think they realize there are more groups to be accomodated in this country than there are prominent positions in the white house.

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