Least Offensive American Cities

Pew has an interesting, if not particularly useful, study gauging where Americans would want to live. DC is about in the middle of the pack — 25 percent of Americans would live here — just ahead of New York (take that, Gawker!). Based on my jejune read of the survey, it seems better ar demonstrating which cities provoke the lowest level of “blech” than the most popular cities. For example, apparently the city most Americans would live in is Denver (?), followed closely by San Diego, Seattle, and Orlando. If a city were to change its name to “Rob Thomas,” (hereby signifying a city arguably better known for being inoffensive and attractive than having cultural value) it’s a safe bet that Denver, San Diego, and Orlando would be likely candidates. Likewise, the bottom of the list bolsters this conlcusion: Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, the Hitler, Ron Jeremy, and K-Fed of American cities.


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