The Height of Insanity

Republicans haven’t always relied on sound theory or empiricism to support their policy proscriptions, but with their economic and national security policies wildly unsuccessful, they’ve had to resort to some cagey tactics to articulate an opposition. For example, both House and Senate Republicans have taken to cherrypicking and criticizing small portions of the stimulus bill to give the impression that the entire bill is useless. As Steve Benen notes, if you subtract the House Republicans’ objections to the bill, they theoretically support 98 percent of the proposed measures. You’d think that if you supported 98 percent of a bill, you might be inclined to vote for it, but that would be giving House Republicans far too much intellectual credit.

Anyway, John Thune yesterday built the case against stimulus based on the height of the stimulus bill, if you were to stack them in various denominations. Seriously. In attempt to compare apples to apples, Josh Marshall at TPM has come up with a graph of the stacked height of unemployed workers.

As you can see, the bodies are much higher.


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