Against Bipartisanship

Can we officially end this attempt at bipartisanship? It’s obvious the Republicans aren’t going to play ball, and I can’t even say I blame them. If the Republican party wishes to remain a political party, they have to be vindicated in opposition to the stimulus. That is, if massive, Keynsian spending spurs the economy towards growth, the central tenant of Republican economic philosophy will be positively discredited (in addition to being negatively discredited by being in this mess in the first place). It would therefore require genuine altruism on behalf of Republicans to throw their support behind an agenda inimically opposed to their own self preservation. So what you get is one of two things: flat out opposition or foot-dragging that will ultimately make the bill less effective. Neither one of these are in the best interest of the country or the Democratic party, who will be judged on the potency of their reforms.

In the meantime, the GOP has totally derailed conversation on the stimulus to the point where the parlous state of the economy seems completely disconnected amid pedantic debate about condoms.

President Obama: get your shit in order, man.


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