Meet That Asshole

There’s a weird sort of celebrity in Washington, D.C. where you have some extremely influential people who most people don’t recognize for their bona fide significance, and as such, you see them when you get lunch. For example, yesterday at Corner Bakery, I got the privalege of seeing Doug Feith pick up a sandwich.

Most people don’t know who Doug Feith is, but they probably should. During the Bush Administration (43), he initially served as Undersecretary of Defense for Policy before being moved to run the Office of Special Plans in 2002 where his primary role was manipulating intelligence to build a case for invading Iraq. While it’s probably true that Bush would have found another way to justify the invasion, it’s true that Doug Feith played a major role in building support for the War. 4,000 American deaths and $600 billion later, we’ve enhanced Iran’s influence in the Middle East and pursued a foreign policy which has only encouraged the anti-American sentiment that breeds terrorism in the first place.

Anyway, thanks Doug! Hope you enjoyed the Chicken Pomodori!


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