Deaf Ears

Amidst Medicare and COBRA expansion in the Stimulus and the now-passed Senate expansion of S-CHIP, conservatives are shitting a brick about health care reform. It’s almost hilarious how absurd this poopy-pantsing sounds.

Add it up, and Democrats may move 10 million more Americans under the federal health umbrella — in just four weeks! Good luck ever cutting off that money. Meanwhile, the Democratic majority is gearing up for a Medicare fight, where it may broach plans to lower the eligibility age to 55. Whatever costs accrue, they’ll pay for by slashing the private Medicare Advantage option.

Lions and tigers and health insurance for 10 million more people! Oh noes! Less money paid directly to private insurers who need subsidies to compete with public options! God forbid! Anyway, this underscores that the default conservative position on healthcare is that there in fact, too much health care.


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