Infelicitous Analogies

Ultimately, I think the political winner of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act will be decided in the coming years by progress in the economy, and to a lesser extent, how well the Obama Administration communicates that progress. That said, there’s been some buzz around the office suggesting Obama was quite savvy to have claimed the “moral high ground,” and to have made the House Republicans appear petulant and aloof. I think there’s something to this, and folks like Republican Senator Jim DeMint will only help reinforce that notion with this sort of poopy-pantsing:

This bill is not a stimulus, ladies and gentlemen; it is a mugging. It is a fraud.

Obama really did go out of his way to at least listen to these morons, there were plenty of tax cuts (of the corporate variety to boot!), and he dropped the family planning and mall resodding items which drew such heated ire. What’s more, the bill was crafted in the open; there was no sleight of hand or bait and switch. It was certainly not a mugging, and further, the Republicans refusal to even offer one vote makes it about as far from a fraud as a bill can be.

Of course, I’m still worried that the scale of this recession will afford Republicans an opportunity to say it was a miserable failure, and thus electorally vindicate their poopy-pantsing, but they sure are putting a lot of faith in the gamble (assumung they don’t tepidly support the bill when it goes to conference).


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