The Answer Is No

So this weekend, the Washington Post — before announcing that they’ll bring Bill Kristol in to write a monthly column — published a whimsical article attempting to ascertain, whether or not D.C. is cool. Naturally, they ask a Dutch sociology professor.

Carl Rohde has an idea. He teaches cultural sociology in the Netherlands and runs a Web site called “Science of the Time — the science of cool.” He oversees a network of trendspotting “cool-hunters” who troll major cities for the next next things. There are no cool-hunters in Washington. And he says he has no real plans to find any. He has also never been to our nation’s capital. But he’s game to consider the question anyway.

As the author notes in the first sentence, “If we have to ask, the answer’s probably no.” Indeed. But I think the answer moves from “no” to something far beyond no when you get shot down by a wool-sock wearing Dutchman who blogs about coolness by corresponding with an army of trained “cool-hunters.” I mean, the Dutch? We’re talking about a people whose most recognizable contribution to the world are basically Crocks with brain damage.

UPDATE: I guess the Netherlands do have Amsterdam. But still. The clogs.

2 Responses to “The Answer Is No”

  1. okathleen Says:

    And they’ve had a finger in lots of dykes… I can say that cos I leave with a freaky deaky Dutch man. In Holland, anything goes…

  2. okathleen Says:

    Ah, I don’t leave with him, how Freudian, I live with him.

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