Today, In Political Journalism

Today, actual page-one headline,  in Politico:

Democrats use polled words to sell their plan

Tomorrow, actual page-one headline, in Politico:

“Bears said to prefer shitting in woods”

I mean, I know that no media establishment employs more ravenous jackals than the Politico, but seriously? How is this even remotely news?

UPDATE: Some online editor with half of a brain saw fit to change the headline to the far more sensible, but even more overtly pointless, “Who will be first to define stimulus?” for the online version. What are some other changes? Here’s the lede from the print version:

For Democrats like Barack Obama pitching an $825 billion stimulus package, here’s what sells:

Describe the plan as “bold.” Don’t mention the eye-popping amount, and talk up job creation, according to pollster Peter Hart’s research.

And from the online version…

Democrats and Republicans are in a race to define the $825 billion stimulus bill before the other can – wielding poll-tested words and carefully polished talking points to cement their vision of the plan in the public mind.


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