Everything That’s Wrong With the Press

My hatred for Politico runs deep. It thrives on everything that’s bad about the news industry. In reaction to the fantastic departure of Bill Kristol from the New York Times editorial page, Ben Smith makes this suggestion.

William Kristol’s announced departure from the Times op-ed stable has prompted a round of speculation and suggestion on who should replace him as the page’s conservative voice.

My nomination: My old boss at the New York Sun, Seth Lipsky, who, along with certainly being right-wing enough (at least on foreign policy) to qualify, is a pugnacious, entertaining writer with gift for the unconventional, so-crazy-it-just-might-work editorial angle.

Editorial pages don’t need more “so-crazy-it-just-might-work” writers, they need more “so-sensible-it-will-most-likely-work” writers. But who cares? We’re trying to sell papers! He’s pugnacious! He’s entertaining! He’s unconventional! What does it matter if he’s ever right or he’s a disingenuous hack?


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