Buy Peking Express

As some of you know, I’ve currently moved away from the U-Street area, and pending the colossal waste of space that is HPAP, I’ll be moving in to the Chinatown area (operative word: area) shortly. Anyway, apparently it couldn’t be a better time to move off U street as during part of a recent spree of robberies, my former neighborhood Chinese spot, Peking Express, was robbed at gunpoint!

WUSA cites MPD stats showing that this was the sixth robbery of an Asian restaurant in the area over the last 10 days. Think about showing your favorite carryout a little love this week and make a point of stopping by to show your support.

Indeed. The lady at Peking Express was always very nice, whether it was letting me use my card when the total was under $10, giving me a hanging calendar for the Chinese New Year, or allowing us to redeem the “coupon” that privileged us two free egg rolls with our $20 purchase every Sunday.


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