The Ultimate Jedi Mind Trick

Often bandied about by Bush Administration supporters and neocons in defense of the GWOT — and raised again by Bush himself during his good riddance speech — was the fact that after 9/11, Bush kept America free of terrorist attacks. In addition to the fact that this simply isn’t true, it basically misses the point that under Bush’s watch, America was in fact the target of a major mass-casualty terrorist attack. Matt Yglesias puts together a helpful graph.

The historical perspective draws a stark contrast. And of course, it’s worth reminding everyone of the ignored “Bin Laden Determind to Strike in U.S.” memo of August 2001.

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One Response to “The Ultimate Jedi Mind Trick”

  1. truevcu Says:

    Every time this comes up I’m reminded of this exchange from The Simpsons:

    After a single bear wandering into town has drawn an over-reaction from the residents of Springfield, Homer stands outside his house and muses, “Not a bear in sight. The Bear Patrol is working like a charm!”

    Lisa sees through his reasoning: “That’s specious reasoning, dad.” Homer, misunderstanding the word “specious”, thanks her for the compliment.

    Optimistically, she tries to explain the error in his argument: “By your logic, I could claim that this rock keeps tigers away.” Homer is confused: “Hmm; how does it work?” Lisa: “It doesn’t work; it’s just a stupid rock!” Homer: “Uh-huh.” Lisa: “… but I don’t see any tigers around, do you?”

    Homer, after a moment’s thought: “Lisa, I want to buy your rock…”

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