The Evil That Men Do

As I shift back temporarily to daily commutes on the Metro, I’m reminded on almost each ride of something I dislike about mass transit (which more often than not is something I dislike about mass humanity). This morning’s trip reminded me of how much I hate Politoco, who generally sees fit to report on government as though it were fantasy football. For example, despite the fact that Tim Geithner will obviously clear Senate confirmation, it didn’t stop Politico from publishing not one, not two, but three, stories on which the central focus was Tim Geithner’s tax problems paid taxes.

Meanwhile, we learn that Republicans dislike government spending. Of course, those words would have been far too direct and decidedely less controversial; so  instead, we read that runaway spending is a “nagging worry among even the most ardent supporters of the president-elect’s proposal.” You know, ardent supporters like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Heritage Foundation.

Anyway, as a coworker just reminded me that part of working in the industry I do is “lowering [one’s] expectations,” for the media, I should probably relax. But the stupid. It hurts.


One Response to “The Evil That Men Do”

  1. Ben Field Says:

    But what of Geithner’s neglect to pay the back-taxes on all years other than the ones in which he was originally audited, until, ahem, ahem, the vetting process?!? But let’s get real. Who really pays ALL their taxes, right?

    …I bet I get audited after that comment. Fuck.

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