More Bad Moves

As part of Israel’s ongoing campaign to piss off as many people as possible, we now learn they have banned Arab parties from participating in upcoming parliamentary elections.

The Central Elections Committee on Monday banned Arab political parties from running in next month’s parliamentary elections, drawing accusations of racism by an Arab lawmaker who said he would challenge the decision in the country’s Supreme Court.

The ruling, made by the body that oversees the elections, reflected the heightened tensions between Israel’s Jewish majority and Arab minority caused by Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. Israeli Arabs have held a series of demonstrations against the offensive.[…]

[…]Knesset spokesman Giora Pordes said the election committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of the motion, accusing the country’s Arab parties of incitement, supporting terrorist groups and refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

I’m hardly an informed observer of Israeli politics, but you’d think that active participation in Israel’s political process would sort of be a de facto acknowledgment of Israel’s right to exist. Anyway, you’d also think that Jews would be especially sensitive to the conspiratorial/clandestine plotting charges, but I guess the lessons that informed Israel’s creation have been long lost.


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