When the Only Tool You’ve Got is a Hammer…

…Everything looks like a nail. The Politico reaches new depths of transparently insipid coverage.

There is, nonetheless, a political logic to vacationing in Hawaii. Part of Obama’s success was always his authenticity. Aside from some wince-inducing bowling and sipping of beer, he rarely attempted to be somebody he wasn’t. He didn’t hoist a shotgun or pretend to be a hunter; on the other end of the spectrum, he never pretended to have other politicians’ gift for feeling individuals’ pain, or cry at town halls. Vacationing in Hawaii, for no reason except the obvious ones, is good politics because that authenticity is, these days, perhaps the most valuable political commodity. It will be interesting to see if Hawaii remains the “Western White House” after he takes office.

How about it’s because he spent a great deal of his childhood there and it’s a fantastic place to spend a winter holiday?Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

On a related note, how long gone is our society’s moral compass when acting earnestly is read not simply as genuine, but as an act that projects earnestness? Can anyone just be something anymore?


One Response to “When the Only Tool You’ve Got is a Hammer…”

  1. bevans623 Says:

    Why is Hawaii any different from a ranch in Texas, right? I wish all these “political” blogs and news machines would spend more time on actual politics and stop trying to be US Weekly.

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