Far Reaching Implications

Amidst much of the current GOP’s soul searching efforts has been a great emphasis on the development of new “ideas.” This is quite stupid; an effort to create “ideas” that are somehow uniquely conservative rather than just making good faith efforts to find solutions betrays a governing philosophy whose primary mission is perpetuating Republicanism. In a democratic society, it seems the only possible long term outcome of such a strategy is a series of continual losses, and indeed, progressivism has generally triumphed in the long run. Of course, that doesn’t mean conservatives don’t manage to drag their feet along the way, like when they decided political posturing superseded risking the collapse of the auto industry.

And as a caveat, I understand Democrats can fall prey to the self-preservation uber alles philsophy of government, but as a body whose core mission is not literally conserving the status quo to the greatest degree possible, it seems reasonable that liberals are less prone to these sorts of problems.


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