More Politico

In the ongoing church-gate scandal, Ben Smith sarcastically points out that Politico’s coverage of Obama’s church habits was “so boring that HuffPo’s media writer was compelled to spill another 776 words on the subject.” Of course, Jason Linkins wasn’t writing about the story itself, but rather Politico’s insipid coverage, which predictably has created a minor controversy. And this was precisely Politico’s intention.

Ben Smith can demure all he likes about simply “reporting the facts,” but the story wouldn’t have been covered had it not been expected to produce interest in one way or another. The story wasn’t an invasion of privacy as Judis asserted, it was just garden-order mischief. Ben Smith’s coy protestations just make it more annoying. It’s like that one friend you have who refuses under any circumstances to admit an argument is lost, and indeed, is emboldened by your frustration.


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