Silver Line

Good news for people who don’t have cars (or those who can’t park their friend’s without chipping paint off):

Federal regulators have approved a long-awaited extension of Metrorail to Tysons Corner and Dulles International Airport, virtually assuring construction of a $5.2 billion project that regional leaders say is crucial to ease congestion and spur economic growth in Northern Virginia.

Here’s a map of the proposed line:

5 Responses to “Silver Line”

  1. mike Says:

    tyson’s corner and dulles airport? i cant think of two places id less like to be. why dont they just build the line that circles the city (purple line?), so it doesnt take 1.5 hours to get between places a 15 minute drive apart?

  2. Jon Says:

    I don’t think anybody’s saying this will be a replacement for the purple line, but to respond to your points:

    1.) Whether or not you like going to Dulles Airport, sometimes you have to.

    2.) Lot’s of people like going to Tyson’s even if you don’t.

    3.) It will significantly reduce traffic along the Dulles Toll Road — which is immensely trafficked.

  3. mike Says:

    the previous points were spoken in jest. bringing luggage and shopping bags on the metro is pretty unappealing, especially to the 100% of the NoVa population that owns a car.

  4. AshburnGuy Says:

    A lot of folks take metro to national airport. With the 100% of NoVa population owning cars, why is the orange line so slammed?

    I’m not saying that this silver line is the best solution – i think it has many shortcomings. But more mass tranist is definitely required in NoVa.

    The Purple Line is a great idea too…hopefully MD will get things in gear.

  5. truevcu Says:

    I thought this got the greenlight awhile ago? In fact I see they’ve already started some digging for it along route 7 in Tysons.

    Not really good news for me, unless I still plan to be in the DC area in 2015 (or whenever the hell this actually gets completed), although the prospect of taking the bus ride component out of metro riding in Reston is rather pleasing.

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