Real City for a Week

So the D.C. Council has voted 12-1 to extend “last call” from 2 am to 5 am for the entire week several days preceding the inauguration. They’re expecting some 4 million people in the city, many of whom will be down for all sorts of revelry, so it’ll be interesting to see what D.C. looks like as a real city. Plus it’ll be great for local business. Of course, not everyone is so psyched:

Neighborhood Advisory Commissioner Nancy Shia, who represents the bar-heavy Adams Morgan neighborhood, is unhappy with the legislation.

“I don’t see why they have to increase the sale of alcohol. Alcohol makes chaos. That means that the businesses will make a lot of money but the city will have to pay for all the police and there will be more DUIs,” she said.

I think the obvious solution would be to limit expenditure by having no police, and therefore, no DUIs. No but seriously, the extra revenue that will pour into local business will far outweigh the cost of keeping cops around for an extra 3 hours. It’s obvious Nancy Shia is just a hater.

UPDATE: As frequent commenter Mike points out, I have committed journalistic malpractice by failing to mention the dates affected by this most propitious promulgation of the D.C. City Council. Fortunately, I am not a journalist, but I am interested in duly informing my readers, so for those interested, last call will be pushed back from Thursday, Jan. 17 through Tuesday, January 20th.


2 Responses to “Real City for a Week”

  1. mike Says:

    does the week include the weekend? does it start before the inauguration, or run right through it? these are the questions that people who wouldnt visit dc for the inauguration on its merits alone need answered.

  2. truevcu Says:

    Because it’s not enough that the district is going to be standing room only for 4 days straight, we have to be throwing up all over each other the entire time as well -_-

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