Sometimes I’m Worth Listening To

So David Gregory will be taking over Meet the Press. In addition to other things, Ezra Klein says this:

Additionally, Gregory is a straight political reporter. He’s been a political reporter his whole life. By contrast, Tim Russert served as chief of staff to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. George Stephanopoulos was chief of staff to Dick Gephardt, and a key adviser to Bill Clinton. Both men, in other words, had a background in the substance of governance rather than simply the coverage of politics. Gregory doesn’t. That strikes me as a disadvantage, though as far as I know, no one with governing experience was under consideration for the slot.

Anyway, I made a similar argument about political coverage yesterday. I point this out not because I care particularly that David Gregory will host Meet the Press but because Ezra Klein writes for a serious magazine and I blog from work where they tell you self-marketing is a big deal. So consider yourself marketed.


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