Dreams of 60 can be tucked away for now

ATLANTA — Saxby Chambliss, a first-term Republican senator, was re-elected by Georgia voters on Tuesday in a substantial victory, ending Democratic hopes for a 60-vote majority in the Senate that would make it difficult for Republicans to filibuster the Obama administration’s legislative agenda.

And sadly, but predictably, Chambliss appears to be winning by a much larger margin (61 — 39) than the narrow contest in November, which presumably means that Georgia is in fact, not a center-left state when Barack Obama isn’t on the ticket.


2 Responses to “60*”

  1. wilsonrofishing Says:

    The big loser in the GA runoff: Ludacris!

  2. truevcu Says:

    The magic 60 was a false yardstick anyway, as we’re assuming both that the democrats couldn’t possibly peel off a moderate republican or two and that none of the more conservative democrats would ever defect. As I outline over in my realm, there were far better reasons for Chambliss to lose: http://trueblarg.wordpress.com/2008/12/02/chambliss-defeats-martin/

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