Most Annoying Sports Cliche of 2008

Can we all agree that there is very little about football which resembles chess? I just heard Ron Jaworski describe the relationship between a receiver and a corner as chess match on the basis that the corner will occasionally try to bait the quarterback into making a poor decision. While it’s true that this strategy is common in chess, it also happens to be a tactic in virtually any game that isn’t a pure test of technical skill or luck. You can bait an opponent in basketball, you can bait an opponent in poker, you can bait an opponent checkers, and shit, you can even bait your opponent in asshole. I think it’s pretty obvious that the outcome of a football game has much more to do with luck and raw physical ability than it does with cunning strategy. Conversely, a game of chess begins with the exact same pieces which are capable of doing the exact same things and thus, strategy is the only thing that matters.

Please, sports media, do something useful for once and come up with a new phrase.


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