Man of the People

Amid the general lame duckery and public invisibility, it’s sometimes easy to forget that George Bush really doesn’t seem to care about the consequences of a dogmatic loyalty to industry. Note, this is all from the same article…

WASHINGTON — The Labor Department is racing to complete a new rule, strenuously opposed by President-elect Barack Obama, that would make it much harder for the government to regulate toxic substances and hazardous chemicals to which workers are exposed on the job.[…]

[…]One rule would make it easier to build power plants near national parks and wilderness areas. Another would reduce the role of federal wildlife scientists in deciding whether dams, highways and other projects pose a threat to endangered species.[…]

[…]One rule would allow coal companies to dump rock and dirt from mountaintop mining operations into nearby streams and valleys.[…]

And this is to say nothing of the Bush Administration’s urging mayors oppose the EPA’s draft proposal for regulating carbon emissions.


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