Things That Will Needlessly Anger Conservatives

The White House will go green:

President-elect Barack Obama says he wants to make the White House “green.” In an interview with Barbara Walters, Obama said he plans to sit down with the chief usher for the presidential mansion and do an evaluation of its energy efficiency.

He says part of what he wants to do is show the American people that it’s not that hard to go green.

Obama has been pretty serious about his commitment to enacting legislation to curb global warming, so it would be daft to understand this as some sort of “greenwashing,” but it does demonstrate that silly political gesturing is here to stay. I mean, It’s hard not be reminded of the campaign retrospective in Newsweek where Obama, in frustration prepping for inane debate questions, vents, “…we can’t solve global warming because I fucking changed light bulbs in my house.”

In other words, the general optimality of the decision notwithstanding, correcting climate change doesn’t mean making enormously wasteful mansions less wasteful; it means seriously cutting back carbon emissions vis-a-vis energy consumption, industry, transportation, and flatulence.


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