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So at the gym today I was forced into watching CNN (at piece of crap Fitness First, either the closed captioning works or the machine works; never both) and as part of their coverage on Obama’s presser, CNN decided it would be valuable to capture the views of “regular” Americans, or more correctly, three white people, which in a coup of post-modern par excellence, actually included a mustachioed man wearing a Steeler’s jersey.

It’s impossible to top the blatant shark jumping of the hologram on election night, so no worries on that front, but how can CNN even pretend to take itself seriously anymore? I mean, here’s a news organization with unparalleled resources, and a large part of its coverage of Obama’s unveiled economic team and stimulus plan involved the jejune commentary of people who prior to today, probably didn’t know if Larry Summers was a name or a sentence fragment. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of uninformed white people prattle on, I’d watch FoxNews.

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