I’m a Huge Nerd Blogging

I know the outgoing President in 24 is supposed to be some sort of nefarious Dick Cheney like character, but (pending later plot developments possibly revealing illegal activities) I land on his side of the debate on intervention in “Sangala”, which hews pretty closely to the realist take on Darfur (I make the case here). Madame President seems to subscribe to liberal interventionist view, which while noble, is a rather naive view of American power. The world is a tough place. C’est la vie.

Also, it seems 24 is trying to cast the UN as a malign, heartless, possibly corrupt actor keen on obstructing egalitarian minded people. While the UN has its deficiencies, the criticism of the UN has generally been that it grants less powerful countries undue power to restrict actions of the United States, not that it’s a bunch of children hating bastards. Indeed, the UN isn’t much of an independent actor at all; its jurisdiction extends only as far as its member states grant. All of which is to say, it’s not only unproductive to UN bash, but it’s also basically wrong to direct ire at the institution itself.

Anyway, I’m unquestionably reading too far in to this, but all things considered, 24 thus far a) advocates broad use of American military power and b) casts the UN as a corrupt obstructionist. Sound like anyone else you know?

Of course, I’m sure that my self-indulgent wanking will all be rendered moot when Jack Bauer solves the Sangali political crisis on his Sprint phone flying back to Washington. On a side note, I assume everyone else saw the “This Season…on 24” scenes which showed a clean shaven Bauer in a suit in a decidedely non-Sub-Saharan setting. Does Jack spend the next 8 hours on a plane? Does he have to pay to check a bag? Is there a jump forward? Can they do that?


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