Endless Clinton Blogging

Matt Yglesias does a good job summarizing the differences between Hillary and Obama’s foreign policies as outlined during the primaries.

As Matt notes, Clinton is to the right — slightly — on a number of issues, but I think a lot of this was forced upon her out of necessity. Since she supported the war from the outset, it would make sense that she would draw distinctions from the right. Of course, it’s possible she really does espouse a foreign policy to the right of Obama because she independetly came to such conclusions, but ceteris parabus I would bet she and Obama would have found comity more often than they did. More importantly though, I think that as the center has shifted, so will have Hillary. Indeed, CNAS, the think tank from which Hillary drew most of her foreign policy expertise, has shifted more towards the perspective elucidated by Obama.

All this said, I’m still not particularly jazzed about the idea of filling the State Department with a number of the same foreign policy hands who were wrong on Iraq and have had a proclivity for playing within the neoconservative framework. I just don’t think it will in reality be serious shift to the center-right that people have speculated.


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