See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

If you’re looking to engage in the kind of self-abuse that doesn’t involve playing with your wiener, I suggest heading over to the Washington Post’s “Right Matters” message board moderated by Ramesh Ponnuru where you can read things like this:

But I take strong issue on four points:
1. Sarah Palin is our possible salvation, not our ‘problem.’ Those who trash her or condescend to her should be shunned.
2. As a PhD geologist, I can tell you that the main arguments of global warming are more likely to be untrue than true. Beware of politicized science.
3. We are not Christian conservatives, nor small government conservative, etc. Most of us are mixtures, which is why the Reagan coalition worked.
4. This ‘declining white population’ blather, whether hopeful or alarmist, is RACIST and needs to stop right now. If the average American wants to see genuine non-racist behavior, there is no better example than the average white American.

Never mind the fact that even Sarah Palin eventually conceded on global warming, this is precisely what people mean when they suggest that the GOP has become detached reality. What does it suggest about someone’s ability to interpret reality when they refer to simple demographic fact about the decreasing relative size of the white population as “RACIST” “blather”?


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