Blue Balled

In keeping with the theme of “center-right”, here’s a chart tracking articles making the claim that America is a “center-right” country, even though as Kevin Drum succinctly notes that on November 4th, “America elected a liberal president, a liberal Congress, and a liberal Senate.”

The remarkable thing about the claim is the implication that America has some sort of static center-right disposition. It seems completely fine to me to posit that in 1984 or 1994 or 2004 America most definitely was a center-right nation, but that doesn’t mean that an electoral affinity towards conservatism in those years constitutes an immutable affinity for the values espoused by the Republican party. Indeed, FDR served four terms, and retrospectively, it would seem a bit ridiculous to argue that America was a “center-right” country in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Sure, there were race riots, and yes, FDR wasn’t kind to the Jews, but America witnessed and acceded to massive federal outlays and the passage of the Civil Rights Act, all of which would suggest that the “center” was to the left by the standards of the time. Of course, I don’t mean to suggest that America is immutably dispositioned to the left either, just that the center shifts from time to time, and that right now would seem to be a point of inflection. It just seems ludicrous that virtually every media outlet in the country is running some sort of story on “What Happened to the Right?” and also running stories asserting that America is a “center-right” country; the two are fundamentally at odds.

Anyway, this whole thing just reminds me too much of this:


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