Secretary Clinton?

UPDATE: A lot of you seem to be finding this by searching for “Hillary Clinton.” Yes, she will accept the job as Secretary of State, and if you want to read about what that might mean, I highly recommend this.

There’s been some speculation that Obama will ask Hillary Clinton be Secretary of State. Josh Marshall rightly wonders why HIllary would want such a post with her sinecure of Senate seat, but I think Marc Ambinder inadvertently gets at the right answer.

That said, there is no reason, other than speculation, to believe that Obama has suddenly warmed to the idea of putting a harsh rival into his cabinet; it’s not known whether Obama trusts Clinton; whether he trusts her managerial ability; whether they’ve reconciled personally; it is certainly true that many former Clinton aides are now working for Obama, including several of Hillary Clinton’s top policy advisers.

As Josh Marshall points out in his post, the likelihood of a Clinton 2012 run is pretty slim; but even still, I think the axiom “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” applies pretty well to the cagey Clinton clan. In addition, her hawkishness in the primaries aside, there would be worse selections for Secretary of State.

Anyway, this move strikes me as unlikely. Obama is pragmatically motivated to produce legislative results; removing HRC — a powerful public voice, if not in Senate seniority — would remove a strong voice in favor of health care and energy reform.


2 Responses to “Secretary Clinton?”

  1. mike Says:

    You know how NFL teams have quarterback controversies? Or a talented offensive coordinator like Jason Garrett puts pressure on Wade Phillips? Imagine the US foreign policy situation with Hilary and Barack. That’s why I think you don’t appoint Hilary.

  2. More on Hillary « Yes, Let’s Talk About This Says:

    […] think the prospect of HRC becoming Secretary of State are pretty slim, but frequent commenter Mike builds the correct case: You know how NFL teams have quarterback controversies? Or a talented offensive coordinator like […]

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