I’m sure whichever firm lands this business is going to make a lot of money.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the nation’s largest pharmaceutical lobbying group, is gearing up for a “multimillion-dollar public relations campaign to tout the importance of free-market health care and undercut an expected push by the Obama administration for price controls of prescription drugs,” the Washington Times reports.

Whether or not those working the account can feel good about contributing to expanding health care costs that imperil the long term health of America’s economy is another question entirely. Those of you read this blog regularly are probably more familiar than you’d like with the spate of problems plaguing the so-called “free-market health care” system, but if you’re not familiar with the egalitarian charge led by PhRMA on your behalf, check out this.

UPDATE: People who talk with me regularly know that I believe the key to implementing progressive reform lies with understanding the tangible net-positive effects of policies. Health care is one area in which the case for reform is compelling in purely economic terms. That is, it’s not simply a question of whether or not health care is a “right” or a “privilege”; it’s just smart policy.


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