Joe the Merchandiser

I really shouldn’t be directing what limited audience I have anywhere else, much less to Sam “Joe” the Plumber‘s new website, but it’s always worth seeing the many blessings American has to offer. As far as I can tell Joe is mostly fighting to cash in America’s fascination with political dilettantes to pay off his back taxes, but he insists his movement is all about “We the People.” Anyway, though Joe is a stalwart combatant against government corruption, he’s not above accepting the $14.95 Joe the Yearly Membership Fee which grants Joe fans access to some of the perks of Joe Membership (no word on Joe Mama!). Anyway, here’s some of what you get.

Joe the Forum: Here registered members can share ideas about how to stop government corruption, establish community benefits and much more. We will also be looking to build strategic alliances with other organizations.

Wait — stopping government and establishing community benefits? Sounds pretty socialist…or at least a little Joe the Community Organizer-y. Off message.

Joe the Blogger: Another benefit to registered members with be a monthly subscription to Joe’s blog, where he can share the latest on the fight for preserving Americas freedoms.

First of all, who charges for a blog? Tres declasse. Second of all, if you’re focus is preserving the America’s freedoms, it might behoove you to draw as wide an audience as possible and not seem like a you’re trying to cash in on your 15 minutes before you have to get your real plumber’s license.

And of course…Joe the Shop, where you can pre-order Joe’s book Fighting for the American Dream.


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