Alaska Redemption Watch

They’ve got a long way to go, but Mark Beigch’s retaking the lead over Ted Stevens (Felon-AK) is a step in the right direction. By the way, it’s unclear if this at all informed Obama’s and other Senate leaders’ leniency with Joe Lieberman, but assuming Beigich holds out, a filibuster proof 60 seats is back in play. It would require Al Franken making up roughly 200 votes in the Minnesota recount and Jim Martin beating Saxby Chambliss in the Georgia run off. The word is though that Chambliss has brought in John McCain to campaign on his behalf, so you can count on dwindling crowd sizes and a lot of rapid eye-blinking. Whether or not Sam “Joe” the Plumber will in to make a guest appearance.

On a totally unrelated note, when will McDonald’s Happy Meals begin featuring the characters from John McCain’s failed campaign? Tito the Builder? Sam “Joe” the Plumber? A Rick “Most Venal Human Being Alive” Davis piggy bank that will tell how great you every time you pump in money?


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