Sort of in the same vein of members of the hard right failing to recognize that the financial crisis and Republican ideology are correlated entities, Andy McCarthy straps on the blinders over at the Corner.

Preliminary indications are that the youth vote (ages 18-29) was way up: an increase of somewhere over 2.2 million (maybe way over) from 2004 (a year in which it was very high), and as much as 13% over 2000. The Left’s dominance of the academy is now having a material impact on electoral politics. As we think about the future of conservatism, we ignore that at our peril.

I went to an extremely liberal, liberal arts school and I think I must have skipped the radical indoctrination lectures. What’s more, I can personally vouch that the conservatives at my school did not graduate as Stepford liberals. It seems to me that the more sensible conclusion to draw is that the correlation between age and liberalism in this election probably results from a disinclination towards the socially backward agenda of the far right among a generation that grew up without Richard Nixon or segregation. After all, it’s not like young people aren’t familiar with the right’s platform; they just don’t agree with it. This is supported by academic research (I suppose to McCarthy’s credit), which shows a correlation between higher education and cultural open-mindedness, but then again, I imagine the research was done by crypto-radicals hell bent on subverting the conservative agenda.


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