Coast to Coast

Reader Adam points us to this video he took of “one of the many” spontaneous street celebrations in San Francisco. More awkward white people dancing, but same general idea.

I’ll quote an incisive point by Ezra Klein made about the U Street celebrations that I think is equally trenchant in the video above:

By the way: This wasn’t simply relief at the end of the Bush era. Late last night, I walked by the White House, where another impromptu rally had emerged to sing goodbye to our disgraced failure of an executive. That was an angry crowd. Satisfied and relieved, yes. But angry. It was a crowd still dealing with the demons of the past eight years. Not so on U Street, or across the rest of DC. Those were Obama crowds. They would not have existed for Clinton or Edwards. They were not simple satisfaction at a change from the Bush years. Indeed, Bush was a non-entity on the streets. These were crowds that were utterly joyous at the prospect of what they had just done: Elect a black president. Strike a blow for civil rights that many had presumed impossible. A win by a more traditional Democrat would have put Bush in the past, but there was a sense last night — inchoate, but present — that Obama’s victory somehow represented a more decisive transition into the future. That wasn’t a political judgment and it wasn’t connected to policies. It was just a sense that an America that could do this was a different America than the one we had been living in for the past few years.

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  1. mike Says:

    People may be toying with the idea of not automatically despising/distrusting their government. An eventual goal is to make “politics” not a dirty word.

    Probably one of the better ways to work towards this is to keep the new media networks intact and in touch. Easier said than done, of course.

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