The Liberal Reality

So there I was on Politico when I noted that coworker’s husband, “a former Tom DeLay spokesman turned PR maven,” submitted to Jonathan Martin a “Liberal Media Drinking Game.” Now, looking over the entires, you stand to get pretty drunk, but it also shows that simple reporting of fact, or at least farily obvious conclusions supported by facts, can be twisted to represent the evil machinations of the liberal media. Check out the list, but here are a few.

-Palin’s pick “backfired”

According to the latest CBS Poll, “Fourteen percent of Obama’s supporters say they once supported McCain, and the top reason given for their switch was McCain’s selection of Palin as his running mate.”

-NO voter fraud or “disenfranchisement” when a Dem wins

Yes, the vast media conspiracy suppressing Obama’s massive turnout among the Mickey Mouse/Duran Duran/Tony Romo demographic. Woe! Or would it be more accurate to report on actual attempts at Republican voter suppression in Ohio, New Mexico, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Montana, Florida, Wisconsin, and Colorado?

-NO warning to the victor about “not overreaching”

-Awarding of the elusive “mandate” that somehow eluded Bush

Really? Is that so?

-GOP & “soul searching”

-GOP & must “move to middle”

-GOP & repudiation of Rove, “base politics”

-Palin’s hard-core conservatism “turned off” swing voters

Pew research corroborates all of these assertions. For graphical proof though, the below map shows swings towards Obama (Democrat) since 2004; “To give you an idea of the scale, a light blue state like Kansas is showing a swing of eight percent or so. A deeper blue, like Montana, is a swing of 16 points. And a dark blue, like North Dakota, is a 23-point improvement for the Democrat.”

Look, I realize a lot of this is tongue in cheek, but given the preponderance of evidence adducing otherwise, it’s pretty hard for me to believe that intelligent Republicans really believe any of this crap.


One Response to “The Liberal Reality”

  1. mike Says:

    A conservative friend’s drinking game:

    “if VA goes …
    im lining up 5 tequila shots”

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